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Often one of the very first questions my clients ask me is; “What does hypnosis feel like? What is trance? how do I know if I am in trance?” This usually follows with some nervousness around feeling pain or feeling out of control! I feel that through the media hypnosis has been portrayed in completely the wrong way and it is through this article I want to provide you with knowledge, understanding and reassurance around what true hypnosis is and isn’t!

For example…

Imagine driving home from work or from the grocery store. You’ve done it hundreds of times; maybe even thousands. You know the route like the back of your hand. If it was safe to do so, you could probably drive it with your eyes closed. Given how familiar the route is to you, your concentration wanders during the trip. You pull up into the driveway and realize that you don’t remember the last few miles of your journey. Because, believe it or not, you were in a hypnotic trance!


Hypnosis is a highly focused state of mind – also known as an altered state of consciousness whereby the unconscious mind is free to act without interference from regular consciousness.

What’s more… it’s a totally natural state that you might find yourself in at various times throughout the day. Yes, really.

For example…

When you get so engrossed in an activity that you lose track of time and you zone out from whatever’s going on around you. Or when you indulge in any hobby that occupies your mind completely. Well, guess what? That’s hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a very valuable tool to help people in healing. Study says 70% diseases are created by mind only. These 70% disease don’t require any medicine. There is no medicine for some of them . We help people to cure such problems. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind; people are often surprised that they hear every word and could get up and walk out of the room at any moment. Unless you enter a deeper state, you may not seem any different, just very relaxed. Most people are surprised at just how relaxing it is. Hypnosis is a method of leading your conscious mind into a deliberated sleep (much the same as when you go to bed at night just before you actually slip into sleep) so that it stop thinking. We call it “Hypnotic Trance”. In Hypnotic Trance your conscious mind becomes less active, but you remain awake. At this point your subconscious mind is especially receptive to suggestions. It is your subconscious mind that responds to suggestions and causes those suggestions to manifest themselves in your life. When a hypnotherapist uses the trance process, the critical faculty and the ego are bypassed, which makes accepting suggestions even easier. Repeating the suggestions during each session and with multiple sessions allows the newly incorporated changes to become permanent. The subconscious mind is like an obedient servant. It does what it is told to do. The subconscious mind doesn’t think, reason, or rationalize, it only follow the instructions. Conversely, your conscious mind does think, reason, and rationalize and often argue against what you want. This is why conscious mind need to be quieted so it won’t argue against the instructions you want to give your subconscious mind for your betterment. Find the best Hypnotherapy Doctors in Ahmedabad that provides Holistic healing therapy services combine powerful therapies to achieve overall fitness in a person. Past Life Regression Therapy in Ahmedabad is an unconventional therapy method which is used to cure people difficulty from emotional problem. Family Counselling in Ahmedabad helps in different situations affecting the family at large. The services of best Hypnotherapist in Ahmedabad may actually be the solution you need to help you take off the rupees safely and successfully-and keep them off.

How Effective Is Hypnosis?

American Health Magazine Compared Different Types Of Therapy And Found:



38% Recovery after 600 Sessions


Behavior Theraphy


72% Recovery after 22 Sessions


93% Recovery after 6 Sessions

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

The hypnotic state allows a person to be more open to discussion and suggestion. It can improve the success of other treatments for many conditions.

  • Hypnosis can help people change their eating behaviors and drop the weight.
  • Cognitive hypnotherapy helps change unwanted patterns and behaviors by connecting with the subconscious mind
  • Hypnosis has been used to treat chronic types of pain and pain resulting from serious injury
  • Hypnosis gives your mind and body a chance to recuperate, repair and heal itself by experiencing the relaxation that it desperately needs
  • Hypnosis can help treat the psychological problem that is causing the sleep disturbance while at the same time it puts the body in a deeply relaxed state that helps the body and mind become rejuvenated

Hypnotherapy Helps in...

  1. Pain Management 
  2. Stress Relief 
  3. Sorrow and Grief 
  4. Sports Performance 
  5. Speech and Stuttering 
  6. Fears and Phobias 
  7. Examination Fright 
  8. Self Esteem and Self Confidence 
  9. Public Speaking and Stage Confidence 
  10. Anxiety and Depressions 
  11. Memory Recall from Past Incidents 
  12. Treat Unexplained Allergies 
  13. Sleep Disorders 
  14. Freeway Driving Fear 
  15. Smoking Cessation 
  16. Weight Loss Management 
  17. Alcohol Abuse 
  18. Medicine Abuse 
  19. Relationship Issues 
  20. Age and Past Life Regression 
  21. Spirit Release for Emotional Relief 
  22. Quitting Soda Addiction 
  23. Learning to Let Go 
  24. Quitting Sugar 
  25. Further leads to PAST LIFE REGRESSION for Karma understanding with spiritual guidance, releasing oaths, vows and curses

Hypnotherapy Helps in...

Further leads to PAST LIFE REGRESSION for Karma understanding with Spiritual Guidance, releasing Oaths, Vows and Curses

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Renuka Prajapati

હું રેણુકા મને વેરીકોઝ વેઈનની સમસ્યા છેલ્લા પાંચ વર્ષ થી હતી. તેના ઉપાય માટે તમારી પાસે હિપનોથેરાપી લેવા આવ્યા પછી હું ખુબ જ પોઝીટીવ બની ગઈ છું. અને વર્તમાન માં જીવું છું. હવે હુ ખૂબ જ રિલેક્સ અને શાંતિ અનુભવુ છું. રાત્રે ઊંઘ સારી આવે છે. વાળ ઉતરતા બંધ થઈ ગયા છે. રાત્રે ઊંઘમાં પગની નસ ખેચાંતી બંધ થઈ ગઈ છે. હાથ પગમાં ખાલી(ઝણઝણાટી) આવતી બંધ થઈ ગઈ છે.વેરીકોઝ વેઈન વાળો પગ જાડો હતો તે પાતળો થઈ ગયો છે. પગનો દુખાવો પણ બંધ થઈ ગયો છે.

Selvina Zao

Dear Pallavi,
I want to share my experience after having hypnotherapy. Before I was not much
expressive and more of subversive person. But after having some session I had experienced
drastic change in my life. Now I had become more confident and expressive person. I am
also experiencing weightloss which was now a days become impossible for me. The magical
thing menstrual cycle had started monthly which was not regular. So, thanks a lot for giving your valuable time and healing my past and present both.

Nimish Patel

તમારી પાસેથી હિપનોથેરાપીના સેશન લીધા પછી નવી તાકાત મહેસુસ થાય છે. અને જુના કપડા ઉતારીને નવા પહેર્યા હોય તેવું લાગે છે. મારી ઉપર થી કોઈ આવરણ ઉતરી ગયુ હોય તેવું ફ્રેશ ફિલ કરુ છું. અને આ બધુ પોસિબલ થયુ છે તમારા આપેલા સેશન બદલ. તમારો ખૂબજ આભાર.

Vinita Parikh

મારા મનમાં એક ગાંઠ પડી ગઈ હતી જે વિશે હું પણ નથી જાણતી. પરંતુ હિપનોથેરાપી નાં સેશન લીધા પછી તે ગાંઠ ઉકેલી ગઈ અને એવું લાગ્યુ કે જે દબાવ હતો તે જતો રહ્યો અને હુ તનાવ મુક્ત બની અને આનંદીત છું. જે લોકો સાથે સારી રીતે કમ્યુનીકેટ કરી શકુ છું કોઈ પણ કોનફ્લીક્ટ વિના. ફેમેલી માં રિલેશનશીપ વધારે સ્ટ્રોંગ થઈ છે. તમારો ખૂબજ આભાર.

Mansi Shah

હિપનોથેરાપી સેશન પછી જે રીતે મારી ખંજવાળ જતી રહી છેતે મિરિકલ જેવું લાગે છે. તે સિવાય મારામા સેલ્ફ કોન્ફીડેન્સ ફિલ થાય છે તેના થી હુ ખૂબજ ખુશ છું. ઘરમાં બધા સાથે રીલેશન સારા થઈ ગયા હોય તેવું લાગે છે. સેશનથી હું જ નહી પણ આખુ ફેમેલી હેપ્પીનેસ ફીલ કરે છે. તેના બદલ તમારો આભાર.

Shalin Gandhi

Just came from check up with doctor my ulcer gone away as of after taking sessions of hypnotherapy.
I feel really great to tell you I really feel much confident, can’t express much but I feel overall a great experience I’m passing through in this couple of week’s feeling happy from top to bottom, gaining confident, love, trust, so thanking Pallavi Patel for this.

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